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The greatest real knowledge of the Indian Culture and Jainism is available in manuscripts.

At Shrut Bhavan, it is our vision to make it accesible to current generation; and preserve it for the future generation in its original and purest form.

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Preservation, restoration and critical editing (purification) of available manuscripts in order to improve usability and accessibility.

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  • To make an encyclopedic dictionary of Jain scriptures written in last 2,600 years.
  • To create an extensive database and catalogue by following international standards.
  • To create critical edition of published and unpublished Jain and Indian scriptures.
  • To prepare skilled human resources for research work.

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"Immensely satisfied with this work."

-Pujya Gachhadhipati Acharya Dev Shri Daulatsagar Suri Maharaj Saheb

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