How you can help

With your help, we can accelerate our mission of making the purest form of our ancient scriptures available to the future generation.
There are various ways in which you can help Shrut Bhavan. You can provide information about the Handwritten scriptures available at a place. You can refer interested scholars of this field to us. You can be part of our team of scholars. You can make more people aware of our work. You can donate to support our various activites and products.

Come, and be part of Shrut Bhavan.

Contribute as a Scholar

No matter how many people get involved, the vast scope of work means that every help is welcome.

Contribute as a Volunteer

While the scholars work relentlessly, the management is equally important. Join our team.

Contribute as a Donor

Your generosity makes our work possible, whether you contribute financially or as advocate for good.


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